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Claire Rennie BSc (Hons) MSTAT FCollT 
Claire Rennie originally qualified with 1st class honours in Engineering & Management in 1992 and following graduate training and development programmes went onto work as a Senior Quality Engineering Manager in the Automotive Industry with Rover, Honda and BMW. The award of a prestigious Daiwa Scholarship gave Claire the opportunity to study Japanese intensively and work as an engineer and study in Japan for 3 years. However, seeking ways to address muskuloskeletal issues including hypermobility and RSI led her to the Alexander Technique, and she rapidly became intrigued by the power of the technique to improve our overall health, well-being, performance and its place in education. This inspired her to undertake the STAT accredited teacher training, qualifying as an Alexander Technique Teacher in 2005. She is registered with the CNHC as recommended by the Department of Health. In addition Claire has Qualified Teacher Status in Secondary Mathematics and advises on the technique within education more generally. She is now truly happier and healthier in her forties than she was in her mid twenties. 
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Claire is an able public speaker in the fields of education, health and business having presented / given workshops / taught to the: 
House of Commons Parliamentary Committee on the subject of addressing back pain in school children. 
National Charities including RSI Action, BackCare, and the British Polio Fellowship, The Thalidomide Trust (including being filmed),ME / PVFS / CFS Support Network. 
National Exhibitions such as ‘The Back Show’ at Earls Court & Olympia. 
British Medical Association Employee Awareness Day. 
NHS GP Practice and Hospital Physiotherapists team CPD Presentations / Demos 
Kindergarten and Primary School of Educare and to ‘A’ level and degree students at ArtsEd – the School of Acting & Musical Theatre. 
Royal Northern College of Music, Esterhazy Singers, Kilmallie Singers, Piano Students 
Haberdasher Aske's Foundation School. 
Passionate about getting the Alexander Technique more into mainstream life - education, business, industry and healthcare, Claire became a founding director of HITE Ltd. 
Committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the Alexander Technique and related fields, Claire has completed the Post Qualification Pathway OCN qualification and is a Fellow of the College of Teachers. Claire has transferred this learning as a core teacher trainer to UK & International trainees at the STAT accredited, 3 year, full-time, Alexander Technique Teacher Training School based in Balderton Street and to private clients. In addition, she has delivered CPD workshops for other Alexander Technique teachers on 'Teaching People with Challenging Disabilities'. 
The Alexander Technique plays its part in every aspect of one’s life. On a voluntary basis, Claire has been a Director of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and is still a member of the Preliminary Investigation Committee. Separately, she was a founding Trustee of The Weir Link, a charity focussed on urban re-generation, community & education – for which she has honoured by a Civic Award, a tree planting (!) and a nomination to carry the Olympic Torch for London 2012 Olympics for her contributions between 2003 - 2011. When not working, Claire greatly enjoys playing the trumpet both in church and in a jazz/dance band and keeps fit though running and swimming - hence her genuine passion to teach others, through example, to learn and apply the Alexander Technique to health, leadership, education, music, running, sport - and to whatever YOU want to achieve in life! 
Kamal Thapen BSc(Hons) MSc MSTAT FCollT 
Kamal Thapen originally qualified with 1st class honours in Aeronautical Engineering in 1971 and followed it up with a postgraduate degree in Operational Research and Management Studies. After qualifying he went onto work as a Manager in the Printing Industry with The St Ives Group. Wishing to be independent, five years later he started his own business. For the next twenty five years he was involved as an owner and partner in businesses, in the printing and food industries. However, seeking solutions to underlying long term back pain led him to the Alexander Technique for his own relief, and he became intrigued by the power of the technique to improve our overall health, well-being and performance. This inspired him to undertake the STAT accredited teacher training course and qualified in 2000. He is now registered with the CNHC as recommended by the Department of Health and has recently become a Fellow of the College of Teachers. 
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Kamal is an able public speaker in the fields of education, health and business having presented workshops and taught to: 
Businesses and Organisations such as Accenture, Chanel, BAA and Southwark Council 
Numerous media organisations such as The Telegraph, while acting Chair and spokesperson for the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique 
National Charities such as the Philadelphia Association and the VSO. 
National Exhibitions such as ‘The Back Show’ at Earls Court & Olympia. 
Adult Education colleges – Morley College, City Lit and South Thames College. 
Passionate about getting the Alexander Technique more into mainstream education, business, industry and healthcare, Kamal became a founding director of HITE Ltd.  
On a voluntary basis, Kamal has been both a Director and former Chair of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and is currently a director of the Friends of Alexander Technique, the Charity for the F Matthias Alexander Technique. He is also a trustee of the Alexander Trust and was a founding member and Director of The European School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. When not working, Kamal greatly enjoys reading and keeping fit though T’ai Chi, which he also teaches. 
HITE Affiliated Teachers 
Sean Carey PhD MSTAT 
Dr Sean Carey studied social science as both an undergraduate and postgraduate at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He started taking lessons in the Alexander Technique as part of his rehabilitation and recovery from a motorcycle accident in which his right leg and foot were badly broken. He became so fascinated with the process that he went on to train as a teacher qualifying in 1986. He is co-author of four critically acclaimed books on the technique – The Alexander Technique with John Nicholls, Explaining the Alexander Technique and Personally Speaking with Walter Carrington, and Alexander Technique: the Ground Rules with Marjory Barlow. His new book Alexander Technique in Activity: Improve how you sit, stand, walk, work and run will be published in September, 2014. 
Sean has worked on four Society of the Alexander Technique (STAT)-approved teacher training courses in London. He has written for The Guardian, The Independent, Mauritius Times and New African. Sean is also honorary senior research fellow in the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester. 
David Reed MSTAT MBCS 
David started his working life in computing in 1972 following qualification on an early training course in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing. He became acquainted with the work of FM Alexander in 1974 after reading FM's four books and commenced a course of weekly lessons for the next 20 years. In 1996 he started his training at Hampstead Alexander Centre and became a STAT teaching member in 1999. 
During his training, David ran the UK Student Network organising teaching events for the students in training, which led him into an interest in film making. This interest has continued and David has managed to film many workshops and lectures featuring most of the first generation teachers, who were trained by FM Alexander himself. 
David is now working to widen access to his material produced under the davidreedmedia label and together with HITE he is currently developing new media solutions to deliver this training material, making it more internationally accessible to those who are keen to learn from the vast array of available resources.  
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David now runs a successful Media Production company based in Cambridgeshire village location and is a major supplier of survey, media and training products to the UK Rail Industry. He combines his business interests with active support to the Alexander Community as a member of the F Matthias Alexander Trust, which is the original charitable foundation supporting scientific research and education. 
Tanya Shoop BSc (Hons) MSc MSTAT 
Tanya Shoop originally qualified with 1st class honours in Management Sciences in 1989, following with a postgraduate degree in Industrial Relations. She subsequently worked in both the NHS and the Law Society in Human Resources and Training and is familiar with the stresses and pressures of working life on both mind and body. She started the Alexander Technique for back pain. She’s tried a variety of other treatments and the Alexander Technique was the one that worked. 
Tanya is also a qualified DSE assessor. She saw that in the corporate world, people who carry out assessments are often just focussed on the desk related equipment but have no insight into how posture and body habits make the biggest difference. She has worked with a wide variety of clients including pregnant women and new parents, musicians and horse riders. 
HITE Affiliated Professionals 
Linda Linehan MSc FCIPD MBPS 
Linda Linehan is also the Managing Director of Abbeville Associates Ltd, a management consultancy specialising in Leadership, Effective Teams, Organisational Change, Human Resources and Equality and Diversity. Clients include public, private and not for profit organisations.  
Linda has significant experience of one to one leadership and coaching, designing and facilitating team events, as well as working with senior teams to clarify goals and develop strategic vision and direction. A member of the British Psychological Society, Linda and a number of her associates are qualified to administer and feedback a range of psychometric Instruments, including MBTI (1 and 2) and 16PF. 
Areas of consultancy specialism include leadership development using the Abbeville Leadership and Performance Excellence Programmes. Linda also has significant experience in relation to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. 
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Prior to setting up in consultancy, Linda was head of Equalities at the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, where she was responsible for strategy and policy development, reporting to a Board level Steering Group led by the Permanent Secretary. During her time in that post, DTLR won a variety of awards from Opportunity Now and Race for Diversity. 
Linda is a very well qualified professional with an MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management, a BSc (Hons) in Social Science and Public Administration, and a post-graduate Diploma in Management Studies. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, and is qualified to administer and feedback a range of psychometric instruments. Linda is completing a coaching qualification with Ashridge Business School, leading to European Mentoring and Coaching Foundation accreditation. Linda was a Founder Member of “Tomorrow’s Planners” a national programme to attract black and minority ethnic planners into the planning profession. She is currently a Governor of Morley College in London, and a Trustee of St Thomas with St Stephen’s Church. 
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