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improve your life fundamentally with the Alexander Technique 

Alexander Technique London. Reduce pain, improve posture, alleviate stress and improve your life. 
The Alexander Technique enables us to re-discover our natural poise  
through awareness and prevention of habits which may unknowingly  
be causing us harm or difficult. Hence, lessons in the Alexander Technique 
can help us to: 
as demonstrated in the testimonials on this site
In August 2008 the British Medical Journal published significant scientific  
research proving the efficacy of the alexander technique. Make a sound  
decision to learn the Alexander Technique with Claire Rennie today, and  
begin the journey of improved health, well-being and performance.  
All in the central, elegant London location of 10 Harley Street W1.  
Why learn the Alexander Technique  
The Alexander technique enables us to re-discover natural poise through awareness and prevention of harmful habits, helping us to reduce pain, improve our posture, alleviate stress and raise our performance.  
The crux of the matter…  
Alexander discovered that the "way that we do what we do" has become largely habitual, so much so, that even though it could be hindering or harming us, we do not realise it. What may seem very normal to us, may not be at all natural. Crucially, he realised that all of our activities are dependent for their efficiency on the proper and natural relationship of the head, neck and back. This is achieved when the head is balanced on the top of the spinal column by the appropriate small muscles allowing a beneficial lengthening of the spine, and not held by the larger outside muscles of the neck leading to a harmful shortening of the spine.  
How have we gone wrong?  
Civilisation has evolved rapidly, particularly in recent centuries, and humankind has not adjusted adequately to the new and different activities in which it engages - for example, sitting on chairs at length, working in office environments, using computers and driving cars. We may unknowingly cultivate harmful habits of employing inappropriate tension in our desire to excel and these habits are being compounded in our society as young, naturally coordinated children imitate their increasingly dis-coordinated elders.  
"Felt dramatically different after each lesson? Lighter, looser, almost floating" 
Wine Buyer, age 30, female 
In the public eye? 
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Claire Rennie and Kamal Thapen - Alexander Technique Teachers in Harley Street London 
Claire and Kamal are certified members of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) and teach the Alexander Technique at 10 Harley Street, London. Claire and Kamal are passionate about helping clients achieve their goals with the Alexander Technique and are committed to Continuing Professional Development and are both registered with the CNHC - Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. The Department of Health in November 2009 stated: "CNHC is the only voluntary regulatory body for complementary healthcare which has official government backing. No other organisation has the same exacting criteria or focus on safety and quality."