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Arthritis & Alexander Technique 
Are you: 
suffering from osteo-arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis? 
concerned that you are losing mobility & functional independence? 
aware that you have poor posture, but find it difficult to change? 
worried about your situation worsening & your ability to manage it? 
Would you like to: 
become aware of and prevent habits that are contributing to your arthritic pain? 
regain functioning and slow down deterioration as much as possible? 
minimise unnecessary tension patterns and related pain? 
learn how to improve your posture and functioning in the most effective way? 
be in an empathetic environment where arthritis is understood? 
Then take your next step today - improve your quality of life.  
The sessions are led by Kamal Thapen and Claire Rennie with additional experienced teachers as required. Kamal and Claire have both worked with arthritis sufferers with positive results. HITE is a supporter of the national charities Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care. 
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"I have more mobility in my hands and fingers and can now play Chopin again. Generally I am much happier and feel freer and more mobile". Pianist & Teacher 
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