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alleviate stress with The Alexander Technique 
Do you feel that you are running in a mouse-wheel and constantly behind schedule, or hemmed in by a set of impossible choices? Do you find that you feel anxious whatever you are doing because of a combination of regret, worries, fear and anger. The Alexander Technique can help you manage yourself on a moment by moment basis in all the activities of life.  
It can help us address this constant ‘noise’ in very practical ways and gradually pervades our being with an improved ability to perhaps first cope with life, but gradually to move on to actually enjoying life!!! We may know in theory (because we have read it and been told it many times!) that it is not what happens to us, it is the way that we react or deal with ‘the what happens to us’. But how can we practically do that when it has not been our habit to do so. Learning the Alexander Technique truly helps us find a way through this maze. Book an Introductory Session with us today to discuss how you might benefit. 
“Mentally, it has made me feel more positive.” 
"I am happier and have less mood swings.” 
"I find the Alexander technique very reassuring and comforting. The one to one approach does a great deal to transfer skills and build confidence.”