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improve posture with The Alexander Technique 

You may be aware that your posture is not good and are looking for a way to improve it. Maybe it is for health reasons or it may be because you know that how you appear to others affects your own confidence as well as how others perceive you. You want to appear naturally elegant, poised and graceful (as a woman) or with a confident demeanour and presence (as a man).  
You want this to be a natural part of your whole being and not contrived or putting on an act. You are tired of it involving, for example, actively forcing yourself to sit or stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and pull your chin in. This is not how the Alexander technique works and methods such as these just involve using excessive tension causing additional stress and strain. You may notice that when you try to actively sit or stand up straight it requires a lot of effort and you can only maintain it for a short while before collapsing into a slump.  
With the Alexander Technique, improved posture results from employing a learned but fundamentally natural way of co-ordinating oneself in daily activities and is characterised by requiring comparatively less effort and causing less stress and strain. Clients frequently observe with joyful surprise, that they are sitting or standing straighter with very little effort. Book an Introductory Lesson with us today to discuss how you might benefit. 
“My posture is much more elegant.”  
“Husband claims my posture is much better already!"  
“My positive feelings of self image have increased with the decline of my arching back.”