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raise performance with The Alexander Technique 
Do you aspire to being the best you can be – not necessarily in a competitive sense with others, but simply wanting to be fully alive and making the most of your talents, opportunities and hard work? Are you a professional musician, actor or sportsperson? Do you feel that you could be more, achieve more but something is holding you back? Do you sometimes give up in one area of interest/work to start another, but end up facing the same difficulties? Are you sick of finding yourself back to square one or making the same ‘mistakes’? Do you want to change this? Truly great performers often exude a calmness and ease of movement that seems entirely natural. Alexander discovered that this quality can be learned. Book an Introductory Session with Claire or Kamal today to discuss how you might benefit. 
“My singing voice has improved too! It has made a huge difference to my well-being and quality of life and I'm really so grateful." 
“Although the pace of walking remains slow, the sense of liberation and well being is quite dramatic. It is now again a pleasure to walk. “ 
“Mentally, I’m calmer because I know there are simple principles I can apply in situations where I might otherwise struggle with arm pain.”