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Alexander Technique Background Information. 
the history 
Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869–1955) was, as a baby, not expected to live and as a boy was a sickly child. He was however passionate about English Literature, especially Shakespeare. He became a professional actor and recitor in his twenties but soon ran into throat, breathing and vocal problems which put his career in jeopardy. Despite consulting doctors and vocal specialists he obtained limited help. 
His own investigations, based on his realisation that it was something he was doing that caused the problem, led to the evolution of the Alexander Technique. Using this technique he restored and improved his own health. 
In nearly 60 years of teaching, people were attracted to his work from all fields of endeavour including: 
Professor Nikolaas Tinbergen - Nobel Prize winner in science. 
Sir Charles Sherrington - Nobel Prize winners in medicine. 
William Temple - Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Lord Lytton 
Sir Stafford Cripps - Chancellor of the Exchequer. 
Sir Henry Irving - Shakespearean actor. 
Sir Joseph Rowntree - Industrialist. 
Professor John Dewey - American Philosopher. 
George Bernard Shaw and Aldous Huxley - Authors.