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Alexander Technique Sessions - London 
One-to-One Alexander Technique sessions 
About Sessions 
One-to-one sessions are the fundamental building block to learning the Alexander Technique due to the moment by moment hands-on and verbal guidance provided by the teacher.  
In sessions we will explore with you the basic activities including sitting, standing, bending, walking, using the arms and hands, and vocalisation / speech as well as ‘table work’.  
Through both the basic activities and the table work we will assist you in becoming aware of any habitual and unnecessary tension patterns, and by using my hands and verbal guidance, to allow your natural co-ordination to become re-established through primarily the proper relationship of the head, neck and back and then into your arms and legs..  
As you gain experience, you will increasingly be able to prevent harmful habit patterns in activity and allow your natural poise to shine through. We can gradually add activities to your repertoire in sessions depending on your own interests, for example writing, using a computer, playing a musical instrument, acting or sport.  
The best way to begin, is with an Introductory Session. Do contact us to discuss your personal needs. In order to register interest and to be on the Waiting List for sessions with Claire or Kamal, please complete the form below, or call 020 7467 8461. We will get back to you ASAP. 
Alexander Technique Session - Registration Form 
“Claire and Kamal as instructors are excellent, knowledgeable, logical and focussed.”