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course of 12 sessions  
Whilst 6 sessions in the Alexander Technique proved to be of significant benefit (especially when combined with exercise), 24 sessions proved to be most beneficial in a major study into the effect of Alexander Technique lessons for chronic and recurrent back pain sufferers published by the British Medical Journal on 20th August 2008*. We are offering a12 session course as a middle option. 
Interestingly, long before this study was published the general advice given by Alexander Technique teachers was that whilst the time required to learn naturally varies from person to person, enough knowledge and experience should be acquired in 20 – 30 sessions to make continuous self development possible. The Alexander Technique could be described as the ‘art of using yourself well’ and like learning any art, language, musical instrument or sporting ability, the skills are not acquired deeply overnight. Hence, a double course of 6 sessions would suit you if, for example, you have particular health issues for which you know that the technique will be of great assistance or you are a professional or amateur actor, musician or sportsman who wants to continually refine your skills. 
“My thanks go to Claire Rennie, the practitioner in this technique – without her encouragement and gentle care I would still be as I was some months ago.”