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Alexander Technique Courses  
course of 6 sessions 
Taking a course of 6 sessions has proven an effective and popular way to be introduced to the main principles of the technique in practice. It provides the repeated opportunity to apply the Alexander Technique principles in activities pertinent to you, guided by a teacher. Your individual questions and concerns can be addressed and at the end of the course we can discuss whether or not you would like to continue. This will be largely dependent on your goals – one may meet your needs, or you may choose to book single lessons as and when, or take subsequent courses of 6 sessions until your goals are achieved.  
Buying a course of 6 sessions for the price of 5 gives you a price reduction, but leaves you with the flexibility to book the session times as the weeks progress. Ideal if you decide that you want to make a commitment to learn and gain session price savings but have a variable work /life schedule. 
6 sessions may make a significant difference to your situation as has been scientifically proven in a major study into the effect of Alexander Technique sessions for chronic and recurrent back pain sufferers published by the British Medical Journal on 20th August 2008* 
“I really enjoyed my lessons. Claire is an excellent teacher who is very informed and I have already recommended her to several friends.”