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The Alexander Technique 
introductory session 
Whilst how many sessions you will ultimately take will depend on your personal situation and objectives, having an Introductory Sesson is an excellent way to begin. It will allow you to expand on why you would like to learn the Alexander Technique, to experience and understand more about what it is and to ascertain the suitability of the technique to meet your needs. Through this you gain the opportunity to meet and work with us as teachers, taste the benefits of taking more sessions and discuss the best next steps for you. There is no obligation for you to take further sessions. An Introductory session lasts 45 minutes. 
An Introductory session is also the perfect way to begin If you are buying somebody else a session as a gift. You can buy it as a stand-alone gift or combine it with a course of sessions. 
“I find the Alexander technique very reassuring and comforting.” The one to one approach does a great deal to transfer skills and build confidence.”