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pregnancy and ante-natal care 
Do you feel that you are heavy and uncomforatble or have back pain? The Alexander Technique can help you manage yourself on a moment by moment basis in all the activities of life. It keeps you in balance and poised. It helps in breathing freely and relieves stress. 
It can help us cope with the huge changes going on in the body during pregnancy and after. It helps in learning how to adjust to the changes and still remain calm and poised. It teaches you better habits of movement in sitting, picking up and carrying and doing other everyday tasks. You also learn some simple positions and excercises to keep comfortable and mobile. Learning the Alexander Technique truly helps us find a way through the maze of instructions on childbirth. It makes your breathing easier, keeping you relaxed in childbirth.  
" Alexander Technique did wonders through my 2 pregnancies. I avoided completely any back pain during my first pregnancy as I did sessions throughout the full 9 months. On my second pregnancy the minute I started to feel a bit of pressure on my back I did a few sessions and the pain was gone. I then carried on doing more regular sessions. I also had an episode of terrible sciatic pain during my second pregnancy which disappeared with just a couple of sessions of Alexander Technique. 
Kamal is an excellent teacher, he "listens" to one's body and applies just the right exercises. I highly recommend it to pregnant women who have back pain. It makes the whole pregnancy experience much more enjoyable!" 
Ines Rocha, banker. 
Pregnant woman
"Though being in a stressful job, having lunchtime sessions helped me to work right up to the birth." 
“Sessions are very relaxing and have helped my posture.” 
"I find the Alexander technique very reassuring and comforting. The one to one approach does a great deal to transfer skills and build confidence.”