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RSI & WRULD - Alexander Technique 
Are you: 
suffering from pain and symptoms of RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) 
or WRULD (Work Related Upper Limb Disorders) 
aware that you have poor posture, but find it difficult to change? 
worried about your situation worsening & your ability to manage it? 
concerned that your job is at risk and doctors / managers simply don't understand? 
Would you like to: 
learn how to improve your posture in the most effective way? 
minimise unnecessary tension patterns and related pain? 
become aware of and prevent habits that are contributing to your RSI? 
be in an empathetic environment where RSI is recognised?  
Then take your next step today - the pain doesn't just go away.  
The sessions are led by Claire Rennie MSTAT with additional experienced teachers. Claire suffered from RSI and learning the Alexnader Technique has been the major part of her recovery. She is a supporter of the national charity 'RSI Action' and RSI Support Group London and has presented at major RSI events. 
RSI - Business man holding painful, hurting, burning, tingling wrist whilst using a laptop.  Alexander Technique will help.
"I have a much higher awareness of how I'm using my body. Not just posture-wise but in all aspects of movement and muscle tension. Mentally, I’m calmer because I know there are simple principles I can apply in situations where I might otherwise struggle with arm pain." 
Woman with RSI holding mouse.  Painful wrist, arm and hand.  Burning, tingling and loss of feeling.  Alexander technique will help.
Man worried about losing his job due to pain and symptom of RSI and WRULD.  His bosses are in the background.  He has his head in his hands, is stressed and at his wits end.  The Alexander technique will help deal with RSI and WRULD.
RSI Books, Pain relieving ibuprofen gel, computer keyboard on desk.  Trying to deal with RSI.  The Alexander Technique will help deal with RSI and WRULD.
Woman holding painful left shoulder with her right hand.  She is getting bacl, neck, shoulder, arm and wrist pain from WRULD and RSI.  The Alexander Technique will help her deal with WRULD and RSI.