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Understanding the Technique - Dr Ted Dimon 

Weekend Seminar - Neurophysiological explanation of the Alexander Technique 

A one and a half day course with HITE now at: 
Room 728, Institute of Education, University of London WC1H 0AL 
Saturday 28th September 2013, 9:30am to 4:30pm, and 
Sunday 29th September 2013, 10am to 1pm 
In this series of talks over the weekend, Ted Dimon will present a neurophysiological and behavioural explanation of the mechanics behind the primary control and conscious control, and other of Alexander’s principles. The scientific content contained in the talks will be explained in comprehensible layman’s terms. The goal of the seminar is to give the Alexander profession the means to communicate a coherent, in-depth theory of their psychophysical practice and how it works on a concrete basis with reference to current scientific thinking. 
The culmination of many years of study in anatomy, neuroscience, psychology, and education, many fundamental features key to the use of the self will be addressed, including the design and working of the primary control, muscle physiology and how our work is based on a new and revolutionary understanding of how muscles work, the process of directing, and what is meant by mind/body unity and conscious control. Other topics covered will include inhibition, the special role of neck reflexes, antagonistic action, muscle physiology, stretch reflexes, and more. 
Too often a lack of clarity leads to explanations about AT which rarely do justice to the mind/body unity component of our work, and often misrepresent it as yet another somatic method. Anyone who practices the technique seriously knows that it should not be confused with the latter; indeed Ted now teaches this theoretical body of work at Columbia University Teachers College in New York, where it is recognized as making a key contribution to the field of education. 
Dr Theodore (Ted) Dimon - biography 
Dr Dimon is the founder and director of The Dimon Institute in New York City. The Institute is based on Dr Dimon’s pioneering work in a new field: the study of the human mental and physical ‘operating system’ as a holistic entity and how it works in activity. Based on a multi-disciplinary approach that includes work in neuroscience, anatomy, evolution, physiology, psychology, philosophy and mindfulness, Dimon’s work provides a groundbreaking view of human functioning and behavior leading to new foundational principles applicable in the fields of health, education, and child development. 
Ted Dimon received both master’s and doctorate degrees in education from Harvard University and is an internationally renowned teacher of mind/body disciplines. He has written five books including Anatomy of the Moving Body, The Body in Motion, Your Body, Your Voice, The Elements of Skill, and The Undivided Self. He lectures internationally and is an adjunct professor in the Clinical Psychology Department at Columbia Teachers College and also teaches at Hunter College, part of the City University of New York (CUNY). 
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All participants will receive an invoice and record of attendance after the event. Please note that no refunds will be possible after 31st July 2013. Any refund will be less an administration fee. 
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