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Alexander Technique for Dentists' Provident 

Dentists' Provident insurance covers Alexander Technique lessons for dentists with muskuloskeletal problems.  

Benefits of the Alexander Technique for Dentists 

“Some dentists know very little about the Alexander Technique and how it can help their practising and personal lives, including pain control, prevention and stress relief. All of which can occur in a dentist’s life and even cause them to take early retirement. Dentists find themselves in awkward positions trying to maintain maximum comfort for their patient, who may not want to be there at all, but dentists could be causing themselves unnecessary long term problems. In fact in 2012 35% of female and 26% of male claims paid were for musculoskeletal disorders (Dentists‘ Provident claims statistics 2012). 
HITE Alexander Technique teachers aim to be a key partner with Dentists' Provident of helping to prevent the pain and stress a dentist goes through when they are off sick and unable to care for their patients. A number of dentists are already true advocates of the Alexander Technique and promote it to other dentists. In fact, retired London dentist Barry Collins wrote a review of a recent Alexander Technique book published by HITE: Alexander Technique: the Ground Rules - Marjory Barlow in Conversation with Sean Carey. 

About Dentists' Provident 

“Dentists’ Provident is the market leading provider of income protection insurance to dentists in the UK and Ireland. As a specialist, their members benefit from in-depth experience of the dental and insurance industries; and have the knowledge to develop appropriate solutions at each stage of their personal and professional life. Their contracts can be customised, offering dentists the choice of how they protect themselves against the financial consequences of illness or injury; helping to look after the important things in life. They also support members with an innovative and ethical approach to claims, as well as personal customer service. Established in 1908, Dentists’ Provident is a mutual organisation, so with no shareholders the organisation exists solely for the benefit of its 13,500 members. On top of our protection insurance, we also offer members the opportunity to share in any surpluses we make, with a cash lump sum on retirement.” 

About HITE & Alexander Technique Experience with Doctors, Dentists and Clinicians  

You will gain an understanding of the principles and practice of The Alexander Technique.  
This will include insights into the Randomised Control Trial published in the British Medical Journal in 2008 which robustly demonstrated that the Alexander Technique is the best buy for the NHS (and private patients!) in treating patients with chronic low back pain - which led consequently to revised NICE Guidelines in May 2009.  
You will have the benefit of hite CPD workshop tutors who have experience in teaching the Alexander Technique to patients with a wide range of medical conditions and teaching the Alexander Technique to key players in the medical field including 
Director of Public Health 
General Practitioners including workshops at Royal College of General Practitioners 
Professor of Endocrinology 
Head of Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Department 
National Charities BackCare, RSI Action, British Polio Fellowship 
You will be able to discuss how patient outcomes can be improved by Doctors/Clinicians and Health Practitioners working in a multi-disciplinary team with Alexander Technique teachers.  
You will understand why 19 doctors wrote to the Editor of the British Medical Journal in 1937 strongly urging that .the knowledge and experience of The Alexander Technique be incorporated into the medical curriculum - as without it diagnosis remains incomplete. 
If you would like to arrange one-to-one sessions, a full or half day workshop or a two hour interactive presentation for you and your colleagues please contact us with your requirements below.  
HITE agreement with Dentists' Provident: 
Receive the tenth lesson free when paying in advance for nine. 
ALexander Technique and Dentists
"You are having great success with all my patients which is wonderful."  
Head of Physiotherapy  
- NHS Hospital 
BMJ Alexander Technique
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