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HITE 'Pause for thought...' course 
Do you need time out - a 'Pause for thought...' course 
Have you got 'Mumnesia' - and want to reignite the woman behind the parent? 
Are you feeling stuck, facing a time of change, or simply not sure where you are going ? 
Is this a time in your life when you need to rediscover your strengths, your passions and to restore your balance? 
Does the powerful idea of combining Leadership, Coaching and Alexander Technique intrigue you? 
Whatever your situation, 'Pause for thought...' offer the chance to: 
Reconnect with what you, uniquely, offer; what motivates and excites you 
Learn how you can be a leader – from where you are – with or without a formal role 
Rediscover your natural poise, and improve your performance 
Of Interest to:  
Mums or Dads whose children are now all at school 
Individuals who are thinking about the next job or volunteering options 
Those facing redundancy or major life change – or  
Those thinking “there must be more than this….” 
Then come and take a HITE 'Pause for thought' course, combining coaching with Alexander Technique sessions one-to-one or in a group setting. 
Restricted to maximum of fifteen attendees with two facilitators. Includes a combination of expertly supported individual and small group work, with the opportunity to share informally over a wonderful lunch. 
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