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Alexander Technique for Musicians & Singers 
Why take Alexander Technique lessons as a Musician or Singer? 
Improving your posture and preventing unnecessary tension is fundamental to musical performance. The Alexander Technique will help you: 
whether you are a child or an adult; amateur or professional musician / singer / conductor. 
awaken your awareness to allow you to develop your innate potential.  
deal with stage fright and health problems such as back/shoulder/neck pain and RSI. 
have greater confidence, stamina and mental resilience as a musician / singer. 
make the most of your ongoing instrumental / vocal / orchestral lessons and work 
free your breathing and voice 
"This is a much delayed email to let you know once again how very much appreciated your visit was. For the students it was, without exaggeration, a life-changing experience. I heard comments like 'this is altogether a different world'. They all benefited enormously from your lessons, but in particular Zofia and Paul were two of the three finalists in the most prestigious of the College's competitions, the Barbirolli Prize (which took place about ten days after you were with us) and Paul won it." Royal Northern College of Music - Profesor of Cello & International Virtuoso  
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Alexander Technique Lessons will be beneficial for the following instrumentalists: 
vioin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, oboe, cor anglais, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxaphone, bassoon, cornet, trumpet, flugel horn, tenor horn, french horn, trombone, valve trombone, bass trombone, euphoniom,tuba, drums, percussion, piano. 
Alexander Technique Lessons will be beneficial for the following singers: 
Soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, bass 
Alexander Technique helps with the following problems and symptoms: 
shoulders hurt, arms hurt, wrists hurt, wrist hurts, back hurts, tight shoulders, feel stiff, feel knotted, neck stiff, neck hurts, neck pain, short of breath, lack of dexterity, thumb hurts, back aches, arms ache, shoulders ache,  
piano keyboard
"I was more comfortable standing for longer periods of time, more relaxed when singing, able to breathe better and more able to apply other singing techniques." 
Singer - Esterhazy Singers 
"The lessons were very useful and helped me a lot in my playing and in my general feeling. It is always interesting to discover new things about yourself." Russian Cellist