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Cycling & Alexander Technique Workshops 
Are you a commuter or a recreational cycler or a triathlete? 
Are you cycling to get fit? 
Is cycling part of your rehabilitation programnme following an illness? 
Whatever your reason, would you like to: 
cycle with more ease and with less pain? 
cycle well with poise and elegance? 
meet other cyclers who are interested in cycling 'intelligently? 
learn to become aware of and prevent habits that are limiting your cycling? 
Next dates are: 
Workshop Attendee Comments ... 
"Very practical and clear procedures and explanations" 
Cyclers racing Alexander Technique Workshops Clapham Common
Improve your cycling experience with a HITE 'Cycling & Alexander Technique' Workshop held on Sunday afternoons on Clapham Common, South West London. 
Walking Alexander Technique testimonial
Lessons in the Alexander Technique taught me how to sit properly on a bicycle which significantly improved my previous poor posture. 
The Technique is true education. Working with Kamal and Claire was an absolute joy. They both have a deep understanding of the Alexander Technique and a solid knowledge of anatomy.  
Kamal and Claire are gentle yet firm, very structured in their teaching whilst very giving, and most of all, their patience and understanding allows you to more easily understand the habits you’ve developed and how they hinder your movement. They both create a very safe, fun and comfortable space to learn the relationship of your body to the space you're in and then how to use it and not abuse it. I am very grateful to them both... 
K.D. (Psychotherapist) 
cycling Alexander Technique pursuit
Cycling commuters Alexander Technique helps you improve your walking.
Do you enjoy cycling? Do you commute by bike? 
Cycling family  Alexander Technique Walking
Do you enjoy recreational riding? 
Cycling  and Alexander Technique Workshops on Clapham Common
Bandstand on Clapham Common.  Running and Alexander Technique workshops on Clapham Common.
Clapham Common open space for Running and Alexander Technique workshops.
Map of Clapham Common for Running and Alexander Technique workshops.