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T'ai Chi & Qigong Day with Alexander Technique & Meditation 
with Kamal & Claire on a Sunday in 2014 summer from 10:00-4:30pm. 
The day will be focused on the short form, aspects of which will be explored to give depth to your practice - with movement interspersed with periods of stillness. We will also be applying the Alexander Technique ideas to improve posture and alignment. We will sit in meditation for calm stillness. 
Come and practice the Yang Style Short form & applications: 
- learn to move with more ease and with less pain 
- do the form with poise and elegance 
- meet others who are similarly interested 
- sit in meditation together 
Then come and join HITE near Clapham South in quiet and beautiful space, 
located at SW12 0AL 
Some comments from attendees - 
Really useful to see other people in the group. It helps me learn. 
I come in tired from work and go out refreshed. 
It is very calming and relaxing. 
Tai Chi and Qigong sessions are possible for at other locations and times. 
I am much calmer now... 
Since starting T'ai Chi my joints have been less painful... 
My breathing feels deeper and better... 
Brush knee and twist step ... 
Kamal in Brush Knee stance
tai chi in a group
qigong stance painting
tai chi line drawing
tai chi yin yang symbol