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Walking & Alexander Technique Workshops 
Workshop Attendee Comments ... 
"Very practical and clear procedures and explanations" 
Walkers Ramblers Alexander Technique Workshops Clapham Common
Improve your walking and rambling experience with a HITE 'Walking & Alexander Technique' Workshop held on Sunday afternoons on Clapham Common, South West London. 
Walking Alexander Technique testimonial
A last resort before back surgery. At the time I began the Alexander sessions I had been having bouts of severe pain in the right hip almost every day from July 14th until August 17th 2008 and then again from the 1st to 9th September (despite epidural injection). Walking was slow and needed great effort. Daily life was a trial and I was unable to participate in family activities. 
Within two sessions pain greatly reduced and able to walk and drive. Within 6 sessions painkillers no longer required and I have learned ways to prevent the pain recurring. Surgery has been avoided. When walking after the seventh session I found the neck and head felt remarkably free. Although the pace of walking remains slow, the sense of liberation and well being is quite dramatic. It is now again a pleasure to walk. The effects noted have remained 6 months after the 18 sessions.” 
Retired Professor in Endocrinology, age 82, male 
Walking Rambling Alexander Technique Legs
HITE Walking Alexander Technique helps you improve your walking.
Do you enjoy walking? Are you part of a ramblers group? 
F M Alexander Alexander Technique Walking
F M Alexander the originator of the Alexander Technique, walking in a field. 
Clapham South Tube Station: Running and Alexander Technique Workshops on Clapham Common
Bandstand on Clapham Common.  Running and Alexander Technique workshops on Clapham Common.
Clapham Common open space for Running and Alexander Technique workshops.
Map of Clapham Common for Running and Alexander Technique workshops.