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About the book: 

In this book Sue shows how the Alexander Technique can help parents and carers improve their children’s posture and learning capabilities. The value and essence of the Technique is easily and clearly communicated by the use of simple examples, activities and games that benefit the whole family. 
Ideal for Alexander Technique teachers to recommend to parents and carers. 
Playing with Posture is in a readable, direct and chatty style with eleven chapters: 1 Introduction, 2 Foundations, 3 Not so Common Sense, 4 Alexander and Positive Child Development, 5 Mapping the Body, 6 Reset and Restore, 7 Putting it into Practice, 8 Thinking in Action, 9 School Life, 10 The Home Environment, 11 Conclusion 
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Readers' Comments on 'Playing with Posture' 

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'It is highly relevant for parents and carers of children and its scope is sufficiently broad to be a manual for parenting. Sue’s commonsense style is refreshing and her message is ultimately uplifting and inspiring.’  
- Alison S J Edwards BSc DC FCC DCCP FEAC (Paediatrics) 
‘Over the last ten years it has become apparent to me that a child’s posture can have a direct impact on their ability to play a musical instrument. There has been a marked improvement in performance, and ability to make rapid progress, when posture has been addressed. 
I believe that Sue Holladay’s book is very important, emphasising the importance of posture from the basics of standing and sitting to having an appreciation of the effects posture has on physical wellbeing throughout life.’ 
- Andrew Forbes BA LRAM, Director of Music, Oundle School 

About Sue Holladay 

Sue Holladay ARCM MSTAT NFSH PGSTAT came to the Alexander Technique through professional violin playing, and qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1973. She has combined her teaching career with raising three children and enjoying her six grandchildren. 
She has worked with children individually and in groups, in private practice and at the Oundle School music department, where she has worked for 9 years with an age range of 11 to 18. She finds that when postural issues are addressed her pupils become more relaxed and there is a marked improvement in their skills and attention span. 

Hite Ltd Publisher Details: 

ISBN: 978-0-9568997-1-2 New in paperback, 216x138mm, 160 pages, Published by HITE Books, London October 2012. For further information email: 

Feedback Form 

We have received a lot of positive comments about the book from around the world. If you would like to share your comments, thoughts or observations about 'Playing with Postureplease use the response form below. Or indeed, if you are a parent or work with children and would like to share those experiences. Please do contact us if you have any other queries.