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Equipment Suppliers 
At HITE, we recommend that you investigate how specialist equipment / software may be of assistance in partnership with taking Alexander Technique tuition, to maximise your performance and creativity as well as crucially to minimise the impact of health issues / conditions and to promote recovery. Alexander Technique tuition will in fact help you to make better choices about the equipment that will most suit you. Most expensive is not always best and one size does not fit all. HITE are happy to recommend the suppliers below because they are all committed to providing a quality and personal service to clients  
Societies and Charities 
Directors of HITE, Claire Rennie and Kamal Thapen are / have been directly involved with the following societies and charities and are therefore keen to put you in touch with them as is appropriate for you. If you represent a Charity and think that we at HITE maybe able to support you, do get in touch... 
The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT), established in London in 1958, is widely recognised as the official representative body for the UK and affiliated societies worldwide. All teaching members of STAT have completed an authorised three-year full-time training course, adhere to a published code of conduct and ethics and hold professional indemnity insurance. Visit the STAT website for further information and full accredited UK and world-wide teacher listings. 
Both Kamal Thapen and Claire Rennie have previously served on STAT's governing Council.  
Grant teaches up in West Yorkshire and has an interesting and engaging site about the Alexander Technique.