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Jun' 2012: 'Hands-On the Primary Control' with Diana Devitt-Dawson 

Workshop Summary 
'Let’s Explore Hands-On the Primary Control' was a Workshop for Alexander Technique teachers and 3rd year students with Diana Devitt-Dawson. 
In The Universal Constant in Living Alexander writes in regards to teaching, "... the teacher will ask the pupil to give the new messages necessary to carry out the new "means whereby... at the same time the teacher will, with his hands give the pupil the actual sensory experience of the new employment of the Primary Control,..." This workshop involved discussion and hands-on work exploring inhibition, non-doing and "giving orders."  
Participant Feedback 
Very good - well structured. Wonderful insights and presentation. Was most beneficial to have the opportunity to work with Diana and hear her insights. Location lovely. 
I think Diana's terrific and well worth working with her again since first in 2004. Location wonderful. Calm space, convenient location. Most beneficial for me were the general atmosphere and to be able to work with Diana. HITE organsiation was very efficient and helpful. 
Diana was very clear and focussed on her work. Location is excellent - just my style! HITE organisation was excellent. 
Provided plenty of food for thought. Diana was inspiring about primary control - she was excellent at encouraging thoughtful hands-on. I liked her quiet presence. HITE organisation was very good. 
I found the whole workshop, Diana, the location and organisation good. The most beneficial aspect for me was the hands-on work with Diana. 
About Diana Devitt-Dawson 
Diana, a Tasmanian by birth, is a second generation Alexander teacher with 28 years continuous teaching experience. Diana is a healthcare professional R.N./Midwife. She has extensive Orthopaedic experience from post-graduate studies in Vancouver, Canada and from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Hospital, London, U.K. 
In 2008 Diana undertook a training for health professionals in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) in New York with Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn. 
Diana undertook the three year, full-time Alexander Technique Teacher Training course in London and graduated as a teacher in 1984. She studied with Mr. Patrick Macdonald, M.A. (CANAB.) and his assistant, Shoshana Kaminitz. While in London, Diana continued lessons with other 1st generation Alexander teachers including, Marjorie Barlow, Wilfred Barlow, M.D., Walter Carrington, Margaret Goldie and Elisabeth Walker. 
In 1985 Diana began teaching at The Alexander Institute in central London, under the directorship of Wilfred Barlow M.D. (Consultant Rheumatologist) and his wife Marjorie Barlow (Alexander's niece). Diana continued to have private lessons with the Barlow's during her time at the Institute. 
In 1987 Diana returned to Australia and set up a private practice in Melbourne where she met and began having lessons with another 1st generation teacher, Erika Whittaker. In 1990 Diana retuned to London to assist Mr. Patrick MacDonald on his last teacher training school, in Lewes, Sussex. She returned to Melbourne later that year. 
In 1996 Diana moved to Sydney with her husband Geoff Dawson (psychologist). With the assistance from an Orthopaedic specialist, she set up the Alexander Technique Institute in the British Medical Association House, Macquarie Street, Sydney where she held a successful private practice for seven years. 
In 2002 Diana became a Director of Training and set up the Alexander Technique Institute Teacher Training School on Sydney's North Shore. The school offers the traditional Alexander Teacher Training. 
HITE Diana Devitt-Dawson workshop
Diana Devitt-Dawson 
Sydney, Australia 
HITE Harley Street: Diana Devitt-Dawson workshop
"She was excellent at encouraging thoughtful 
HITE Diana Devitt-Dawson workshop - Kamal Thapen
Location wonderful. Calm space, convenient location. 
HHITE Diana Devitt-Dawson workshop
HITE Diana Devitt-Dawson workshop - Annie Sayer
HITE Harley Street Diana Devitt Dawson Workshop - Claire Rennie
HITE Harley Street - Diana Devitt-Dawson workshop
HITE Harley Street - Diana Devitt-Dawson workshop - Clare Dannatt
HITE Harley Street - Diana Devitt-Dawson workshop - Suzanne Duncanson