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Oct' 2011: 'Demystifying the Primary Control' with Dr. Ted Dimon 

Workshop Summary 
"Demystifying the Primary Control" - with Dr. Ted Dimon was a Presentation and Discussion over a glass of wine or two for Alexander Technique teachers.  
Although inhibition, direction, and means whereby are key principles in Alexander's work, the primary control is the foundation for our work, without which the other principles are meaningless. But what exactly is the primary control, and how does it work? 
Ted's talk encompassed the various elements that make up the primary control, breaking them down in order to demystify the primary control so that we can understand more clearly how it works. 
Participant Feedback 
Excellent workshop. Content was exactly what you promised, and much more. Anne Battye and Sean Carey were very good at keeping to their agenda while at the same time being aware of and open to the participants' needs and wishes. Both very calm and down-to-earth. The location and space were ideal. 
The most beneficial aspect for me was the very clear, "simple" ground rules of the profound technique presented in a very subtle way. I often forget the guidelines, go off on a tangent - it got me back on track. 
Teacher attending from Basel, Switzerland 
Excellent. Exactly down to the details which I was hoping for: breaking procedures down, inhibition, observation,using eyes, using wall for information etc
I was so pleased to be able to come to the Ground Rules workshop. It was just what I needed, refreshment and stimilus. You have avery good facility there... 
Teacher from Devon 
It delivered exactly what it promised and more. Power of the purity and simplicity of the work. Lovely space. 
Excellent - well paced, good content. Inspirational teachers as anticipated! Beautiful room, airy and bright. 
Anne always gives the feeling of the depth behind the work. Sean Carey's questions to Marjory Barlow in the book are very well though through. 
Taking just two aspects / procedures was a good balance
Event very good. Sensiby constrained, while giving plenty to think about and well paced. 
Video Clips 
About Dr. Theodore (Ted) Dimon 
Ted Dimon trained at the Constructive Teaching Centre with Walter Carrington in London, UK. After graduating as an Alexander teacher in 1983 he came back to the US and took courses in biology, philosophy, psychology, and anthropology at Harvard University leading to a Masters degree and subsequently a Doctorate in Education in 1987.  
Following his studies, Dr Dimon started researching and writing his first book, The Undivided Self, a complex 10-year project that explains the concept of mind/body unity and its application to the relief of stress in everyday living.  
He has since written 4 further books around the Alexander Technique including the best-selling Anatomy of the Moving Body. An amateur singer and performer, his most recent publication Your Body, Your Voice, looks at effortless vocal production through a complete understanding of the vocal mechanism.  
In 1997 Ted Dimon started his first training school for Alexander teachers in Boston; the school was to move to New York in 2005 where it is now housed at The Dimon Institute, a non-profit organisation founded by Ted Dimon to promote the principles discovered by Alexander in the wider field of education. Ted Dimon frequently lectures in the USA and Europe; his universal approach to the Alexander technique is appreciated by teachers and students from all the various schools of teaching. 
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