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Oct' 2011: 'The Ground Rules 1' with Anne Battye & Sean Carey 

Workshop Summary 
This was the first event for Alexander Technique teachers to explore Marjory Barlow's 'Ground Rules' with Anne Battye and Sean Carey following the publication of 'Alexander Technique: the Ground Rules - Marjory Barlow in Conversation with Sean Carey. 
Anne Battye talked about Marjory Barlow's teaching and demonstrated with participants. The procedures that were explored were ‘going up on toes’, ‘hands on the back of the chair in monkey’ and ‘using the wall’. There was time for directed work exchange and an opportunity to meet and question the author, Sean Carey.  
Participant Feedback 
Excellent workshop. Content was exactly what you promised, and much more. Anne Battye and Sean Carey were very good at keeping to their agenda while at the same time being aware of and open to the participants' needs and wishes. Both very calm and down-to-earth. The location and space were ideal. 
The most beneficial aspect for me was the very clear, "simple" ground rules of the profound technique presented in a very subtle way. I often forget the guidelines, go off on a tangent - it got me back on track. 
Teacher attending from Basel, Switzerland 
Excellent. Exactly down to the details which I was hoping for: breaking procedures down, inhibition, observation,using eyes, using wall for information etc
I was so pleased to be able to come to the Ground Rules workshop. It was just what I needed, refreshment and stimilus. You have avery good facility there... 
Teacher from Devon 
It delivered exactly what it promised and more. Power of the purity and simplicity of the work. Lovely space. 
Excellent - well paced, good content. Inspirational teachers as anticipated! Beautiful room, airy and bright. 
Anne always gives the feeling of the depth behind the work. Sean Carey's questions to Marjory Barlow in the book are very well though through. 
Taking just two aspects / procedures was a good balance
About Anne Battye & Sean Carey 
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Event was very good. Sensiby constrained, while giving plenty to think about and well paced. 
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